"I live in a townhouse unit, and have lived there going on three (3) years. I am in love with the amount of space for living, storage, and hello the closest's?! The convenience factor is great: easy access to Stoney Creek Park, and nightlife in Shelby or Rochester. 26 mile to me is the mini-Hall Road without the stress of traffic. I personally used to live off Hall Road thinking I needed "city" life, well with all the traffic, it still always took me 15 minutes to get anywhere. Now, it only takes me 10-15 to shoot down M-53 to meet up with friends on busy Hall Rd.I have found the diamond in the rough, and can't stop boasting to friends about Stoney Creek Village. Now, they want to move here!The reasonable price on rent is helping me free my money up for my savings and my IRA. Truly makes adulting easy ?I am so very thankful I have found Stoney Creek Village."